last post for this sketchbook update! :’>

Romulus and Ramona sketches

- Romulus and Ramona sharing a kiss under a bunch of hanging mandrakes (started off as a page of mandrakes but since I was reading about their association with witchcraft I thought about Romulus haha)

- Witch family <3 Imogene with her sun child Romulus (Rom and his mom lol)

sketchbook update continued

- I don’t think I ever posted this! This was the start of a drawing of Romulus's mother Imogene. Imogene was a very kind and beautiful witch who created a child (Romulus) to love by spinning some rays of sunlight.  

- In these sketches you can see how fast Imogene ages as Romulus grows up (from a babe, to 5 yrs, to 12 yrs, and 20 when the story takes place). When she was creating Romulus  Imogene had to give up half her life in order to bring him to life. 

-Part of a drawing I’m doing of all the characters from Klaxar Andromeda's story. I got inspired to draw this after I saw my friend narosystic's art of my character TuT

new sketches :’)

- Haven’t drawn these two darlings in a while TuT Romulus the boy witch and his girlfriend Ramona

- sketches for some drawings of the Rom and Mona

- sketch for a drawing that I may do a series of. The anatomy is ATROCIOUS because I drew it while half awake in bed at 4am, so I apologize.

- Next four sketches are some ideas I’ve been thinking of for my own stories and also for a submission to try and get in 13crowns’s Ghost Book. There’s a kickstarter going on and they’re still accepting submissions till the 28th if you’re interested :’)

-two of the thumbnails on the last sketch are for a different series of drawings I’ve been wanting to make for a while 

Continuing the sketchbook update :’D

1st sketch for another attempt at a drawing of romulus and remus and the she-wolf in a crystal cave! my first sketch us you kind find HERE and I actually started a drawing last year but I didn’t like it. This attempt though I really like and plan on using it for the real drawing. The parts where I was shading the background in black I actually did that while me and my brother were in our seats waiting for the movie to start at The Avengers midnight premiere! :’D

2nd sketch for a drawing of my witch character Romulus that I did back in march or early april. Ramona will be in the real drawing somewhere :’3 Mass post of sketches of these two HERE.

3rd left side is a sketch (that screams WHAT IS ANATOMY?!) for a series of drawings of a couple in a green house (and they’re the same couple on the left side of the second picture in this post). Right side is another sketch for a possible drawing, but mostly for brainstorming(inspired by a scene i saw in the trailer of Immortals).

aaah so many sketches of these two darlings that i never posted ;w; how horrible!

these two are my sweet Romulus (a boy witch) & Ramona (a girl w/ hypertrichosis) who were first seen HERE. They both work as performers with Romulus doing most of the performing and Ramona is mainly his assistant. In the sketches in these post u will see very lazy sketches of Romulus’s janus cat Blue & Lavender. Since these r early sketches I didn’t know what color B&L were gonna be so were colored randomly in them. You can see they’re actual coat colors in THIS sketch (oh yeah n i forgot to draw romulus’s blue tattoos in that sketch lol).

the second pic contains the very first 3 sketches I ever did of these two. You can see how different Romulus looks in the first sketch haha! the second sketch was when i had a solid idea of how i wanted them to look. 3rd sketch shows that there is a short time when Romulus dyes his hair sorta neon green. 

4th pic has some posters for Romulus’s shows. He’s a man with many talents that range from tricks, fortune-telling, and even sword-swallowing.

the rest of the pics r just doodles of the two in their default and other various outfits :’)

another pic of romulus here!

some sketches for some possible drawings

1st is my character Romulus performing he can be seen here and here.

2nd is just some nymphs and a headless man with weird pink smoke coming out of his neck (kind of looks like guts lmao).

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