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My parents named me Stephanie.

I'm 21 and currently majoring in illustration.

This is an art blog to post my sketches, WIPs, and finished work.

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Nov-Dec sketchbook Update continued

- Merry the Obsidian King and his son Baraq from Groaning Cake

- The Prince of Flowers (early designs in the linked post)

- The royal guards of the Prince of Flowers

- Some bird warriors inspired by Japanese Tengu and referenced after Peregrin Falcons. I had more sketches but I can’t find them right now :’[

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sketchbook update continued

Groaning Cake sketches

- Gwen saving an unconscious Merry from her mermaid sisters

-  Merry

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sketchbook update continued

Merriweather/The Obsidian King from Groaning Cake

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Here’s a bunch of Groaning Cake sketches I did from either last month or earlier in the year. 

- Gwen and another mermaid. Also Gwen dipping her second son into the ocean  to “cleanse” him so that he will possess mermaids abilities (after becoming more worried of her husband’s strange behavior) but regrets not doing the same to her first born.

- Merry and early designs for the Lapis and Axinite King (who use to be the Jade King). Also a sketch of the Eudialyte King and another of him attempting sexually harass Merry. 

- Profiles of the four kings (I didn’t really know how I wanted the Lapis King to look yet so his is pretty sloppy)

- More sketches of the kings that were suppose to be in their war attire with their familiars. 

- Sketches of the Lapis and Axinite King when they were teenagers. They have been best friends since they were little which is why their kingdoms are in great relations.

- Merry holding his devil Thunder (basically what we call Tasmanian devils) which is the sacred animal for his tribe and serves as his familiar. When in battle it turns into a beast with a very long eel-like body with seven heads and many pairs of legs that can fly for periods of time. 

Also a sketch of Merry’s mother when she was young and was the current Obsidian King.

- Merry talking with the Eudialyte King. On the right is a sketch of Gwen in royal Lapis attire when she visits the Lapis King. Everyone (and even the Lapis King himself) believe her to be his younger sister when in fact his real sister died in an accident with their father long ago and Gwen took her identity. 

- Sketch of a very late scene from the story of Gwen and her horse

- First sketches I’ve done for a basic idea of how I want the four kingdoms to look like.

Obsidian tribe live in by the cliff sides by the volcano and ocean (I’m thinking of landscapes like Iceland). With homes that look like Viking longhouses.  

Axinite Kingdom resides between a large mountain and a plain with huge stone buildings and a palace that has large columns and statues.

Lapis Kingdom has its entrance below a cliff which leads to the under water kingdom that stretches into a cave. 

I didn’t get to draw the Eudialyte kingdom but it looks a lot more like the typical/ideal castle and resides in a plateau environment with lots of canyons.

That’s about it for now TuT

Commissions are still OPEN! Prices have been cut down since I originally made them available.

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sketchbook update continued

more Groaning Cake art

- Merry and Gwen waking/getting dressed the morning after their honeymoon

- (top left) merry and gwen, (bottom left) Merry’s first son Baraq and the Eudialyte King's daughter who are engaged, and a merry when he was little with his older brother Baraq. 

-Gwen in her natural form. Here she’s with her mystical horse who she takes to battle with. Gwen aids Merry in his battles under the alias of the Blue Rider during desperate times. He is unaware that the spirit who aids his army is actually his wife for she appears as nothing but blur when she engages in battle and quickly disappears. 

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Starting it off with some Groaning Cake art!

FINALLY I have glimpse of the four kings for you guys 

Those who have been following recognize Merry who is the Obsidian King (being that he’s one of the main characters.)

Merry is on bad terms with all the kings except for the Eudialyte King only because of the engagement between his first born son and Eudialyte King’s first born daughter. On the other hand the Lapis King and High King are tight allies who hate Merry, but care nothing really for the Eudialyte King despite he himself having a wealthy kingdom. 

In the High King’s sketch behind him is his familiar which is a giant sphynx cat. Merry’s familiar is a creature called a skydevil, Eudialyte’s is a behemoth, and Lapis’s is a sea serpent/leviathan. 

Last picture is a sketch of Merry’s battle with the High King (w/ early design of his cat) before his banishment, and another sketch of the Lapis King.

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 kotaline asked: merry!!!

Merry from my story Groaning Cake

Question & Answer to this post

Alright let’s see…MERRY. I first created Merriweather and his wife Guinivere during my freshman year of high school (around 2007 ish i believe). 

They have both DRASTICALLY changed from their original designs. Merry and Gwen were actually a designs I had for a scifi post-apocalyptic story set in one of the world’s last remaining cities with the main characters based off the tale Little Red Riding Hood. Merry and Gwen represented the hunter and little Red and had lames names with Merry being Hunter and Gwen’s was Hoodie (Hunter is good, but Hoodie…fucking slap Past-Me plz). They had a shit load of piercings with Merry in a pink hoodi, shorts, knee-high socks and shoes, and Gwen had black boots, pantyhose and this dress that was (based off a black dress I wore as a child and as short dress when I was in middle school) and of course a red hoodie. 

They both still have their blue and pink hair thing going on (something I just could NOT let go), but just about everything from their appearance, personalities, and story have changed. Originally Merry was  16 years old, with this gift for controlling the earth and plant life who was very innocent and childlike (basically a man child) and Gwen was one of those hardass rebel agents and was in her late twenties.

My junior year of high school I started to draw them again and this is when I changed their names from Hunter and Hoodie to Merriweather and Guinivere. For a short time they were a subject of a bunch of strange but happy artwork I was drawing of this couple. Merry became known as “Muscle-Man” to my friends and classmates because his new design he had transparent skin so he looked like a human walking around with no skin. They continue to have affection for one another but with Gwen being happy instead of constantly angsty. 

Then during spring time I started to draw them even more and I decided to take a a dark turn on their story that was more subtle then some action adventure. I still wanted them to have a deep bond, for Merry not to be a man-child anymore, and I’ve always loved story of mermaids (both good and bad kind) so I wanted to do a horror story with mermaids, and have a sort of folk-life in the story,  so I ended up combining the three which became pretty much what the story is today with a few minor changes since then. Merry is now older being in his mid to late twenties, and Guinivere in her early thirties(or atleast that’s what she wants others to believe). 

Their personalities have also changed with Merry changing from naive and childish to being very dark and violent. Merry is a good person and is sweet in general, but there has always been a dark and sinister part of him growing since his childhood after witnessing (SPOILER ahead um sort of) the traumatizing death of his older brother by a mermaid. When he became an adult and also king, tensions have grown between his people (who live in a more humble culture) and the other 3 more lavish kingdoms of their region of the world. The banishment of Merry and his tribe to an abandoned port in the ocean (with waters that are known to be infested with mermaids) by the High King only increases Merry’s anger and bitterness, and is driven to do terrible horrors for what he believes is the right thing to do in order to save what’s his surviving villagers from starving and sickness (not to mention his wife and two sons with one who was born not long before the banishment). 

As I mentioned before Merry is a sweet person. He cares deeply for his wife who is the only person he completely trust and of course cares with great pride for his sons. What he doesn’t know is that his wife is actually a mermaid. The mermaids that Merry has so much hatred for are vile with an unrelenting hunger for human flesh. They have become the evil creatures that they are because they have consumed human flesh. Mermaids like Gwen (tho they still can be mischievous) are generally good and forever beautiful for they have never eaten any humans. That lack of knowledge of this difference definitely comes with some consequences later. Despite being different from the evil mermaids Gwen is still of the same species and is terrified of her husband when starts to become more aggressive but most of all after she finds out that the food her husband has been providing the villagers are really mermaids that Merry kills. 

And that’s the history of Merry’s making and his current character and story. :’) 

Sorry this is so long ;w;

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sketchbook update continued

- Todd Loki and Fawn from my story Fox in the Snow. I’m not really sure why Todd looks the way he does here.

-Todd again

- Merry Boanerges from my story Groaning Cake. I’ve been wanting to do a bunch of royal portraits for the four kings in the region of the world the story takes place. Merry is the Obsidian King, then there’s the Eudialyte King, Lapis King, and the Axinite KIng who is also the High King of all the four. It’s the Axinite King who banishes Merry and his people after Merry loses in their duel to settle the war. 

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this post contains an ending spoiler for my story so yeah just don’t look at last sketch in the first picture or the last picture if you don’t want to be spoiled (but what the heck who knows when I’ll ever get around to creating pages for this damn comic ha)

I was taking a break from homework and serious art to sketch these

Last year I doodle this time line of Merry and Gwen’s relationship from my story Groaning Cake. I found it recently so I wanted to a sketch it out nicely since the origin is on like scrap paper and really small.

- Meeting (Childhood)

Merry meets Gwen for the first time shortly after his brother’s funeral. Not to long ago I posted some sketched out pages of when Gwen first sees Merry.

- Courting (Adolescence)

- Marriage (Adulthood)

- Trials (Middle Life) <- When the story actually takes place 

- Reconciliation (Old Age)

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I was really inspired last night to draw a scene from my story Groaning Cake so here are some sketches I drew.

- Gwen resting on a rock protruding from the sea

- The waves crash against the rock and cover her

- When the water dies down from the wave Gwen spots a ship ahead

- Gwen feels herself being drawn to the ship as a storm is forming

- (I skipped a few pages) Gwen observes a man and a boy on the ship being affectionate (actually Merry and his older brother)

- Gwen waking up and glancing at her husband Merry nervously (Gwen’s hair is blonde when she’s human).

These are probably really boring if these were to be panels in the comic, but I drew these more with the intention as if I was shooting a film (PROBABLY NOT ANY BETTER HA).

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