sketchbook update continued

Groaning Cake sketches

- Gwen saving an unconscious Merry from her mermaid sisters

-  Merry

sketchbook update continued

These are all drafts/sketches for drawings I hope to do.

-On the second sketch on the left sketch it’s kind of hard to tell because I got too lazy to really draw all the detail but it’s a bunch of lava giants and on top of the one in the front is an old character that I haven’t explored since senior year of high school because the only sketches of him are in sketchbook I have lost. I have no idea where it’s at which pains me because some of my dearest sketches and ideas were in that sketchbook. Anyway he was born from a volcano and has a giant rhinoceros beetle for a pet. 

-On the last row: First pic is the basic color palette for the drawing, the second pic is how the original draft looks like right now tho I may rotate the composition in the final version.


sketchbook update continued

more Groaning Cake art

- Merry and Gwen waking/getting dressed the morning after their honeymoon

- (top left) merry and gwen, (bottom left) Merry’s first son Baraq and the Eudialyte King's daughter who are engaged, and a merry when he was little with his older brother Baraq. 

-Gwen in her natural form. Here she’s with her mystical horse who she takes to battle with. Gwen aids Merry in his battles under the alias of the Blue Rider during desperate times. He is unaware that the spirit who aids his army is actually his wife for she appears as nothing but blur when she engages in battle and quickly disappears. 

sketchbook update continued

- Todd Loki and Fawn from my story Fox in the Snow. I’m not really sure why Todd looks the way he does here.

-Todd again

- Merry Boanerges from my story Groaning Cake. I’ve been wanting to do a bunch of royal portraits for the four kings in the region of the world the story takes place. Merry is the Obsidian King, then there’s the Eudialyte King, Lapis King, and the Axinite KIng who is also the High King of all the four. It’s the Axinite King who banishes Merry and his people after Merry loses in their duel to settle the war. 

this post contains an ending spoiler for my story so yeah just don’t look at last sketch in the first picture or the last picture if you don’t want to be spoiled (but what the heck who knows when I’ll ever get around to creating pages for this damn comic ha)

I was taking a break from homework and serious art to sketch these

Last year I doodle this time line of Merry and Gwen’s relationship from my story Groaning Cake. I found it recently so I wanted to a sketch it out nicely since the origin is on like scrap paper and really small.

- Meeting (Childhood)

Merry meets Gwen for the first time shortly after his brother’s funeral. Not to long ago I posted some sketched out pages of when Gwen first sees Merry.

- Courting (Adolescence)

- Marriage (Adulthood)

- Trials (Middle Life) <- When the story actually takes place 

- Reconciliation (Old Age)

I was really inspired last night to draw a scene from my story Groaning Cake so here are some sketches I drew.

- Gwen resting on a rock protruding from the sea

- The waves crash against the rock and cover her

- When the water dies down from the wave Gwen spots a ship ahead

- Gwen feels herself being drawn to the ship as a storm is forming

- (I skipped a few pages) Gwen observes a man and a boy on the ship being affectionate (actually Merry and his older brother)

- Gwen waking up and glancing at her husband Merry nervously (Gwen’s hair is blonde when she’s human).

These are probably really boring if these were to be panels in the comic, but I drew these more with the intention as if I was shooting a film (PROBABLY NOT ANY BETTER HA).

sketchbook update continued

my characters from my groaning cake comic

- Merry’s(middle left with pinkish hair) family tree, I’ll try and make a clean and complete version sometime

- sketches of Merry’s mother, his older brother, and child Merry in the bottom right corner

-sketches of Merry’s wife Gwen with some studies of her hair weight

summer sketchbook update continued

sketches of my characters for one of my comics I plan on doing called Groaning Cake

-sketch of Queen Gwen and King Merry near the end of the prologue

-tried to color the previous sketch @_@

- Gwen and Merry again, it’s sketch for a drawing that was a possible cover

-sketches of a scene from the prologue where the High King banishes Merry(and punishes him) and his tribe. Sort of a spoiler? If you can tell what’s going here good for u(unless u didn’t want to find out now) if not then uh GOOD x’D


-old ass sketches of Merry and Gwen. The middle sketch is the couple with their first son Baraq VIII. The blond dude on the bottom left corner is Merry’s older brother Baraq VII. 

sketchbook update continued

This post is of sketches of my characters Merry(Merriweather) and Gwen(Guinevere) who are King and Queen of their tribe.

1st left side: Gwen washing Merry’s face. right side: is a sketch of their wedding portrait

2nd sketches of one of Merry’s casual outfits and an angsty portrait lol x’D then sketches of Gwen in her human form (blonde) and her true form (blue)

3rd old ass sketch from like junior year of high school O_O (around early 2010) and it’s of Gwen finding Merry in a battlefield completely fucked up :’I Maybe a spoiler? MAYBE?

4th recent sketch of gwen in her true form battling

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