crocordile 7:Do you have any OCs?

I wasn’t sure if you wanted to see a picture of them or more information? So I Guess I’ll do both?

So yeah! MY OCs’ from Groaning Cake!

Obsidian Royal Family

King Ramiel (he goes by his middle name Merriweather/Merry), Queen Guinivere (Gwen), and their sons.


There are four kingdoms ruled by the High King. Merry is the king of the Obsidian tribe the smallest and most humble of the kingdoms and is looked down upon by the High King and Lapis King. His older brother was killed by a mermaid when he was still a child and grew up despising them. Unknown to him the girl he grew up with and married is a mermaid in the body of the Lapis king’s sister Guinivere who actually died in an accident. The mermaid takes on the alias The Blue Rider, a spirit of vengeance the Obsidian people see as their protector. When Obsidian is demanded to give up their lands tension increases between the Obsidian tribe and the more powerful kingdoms. When The Blue Rider is no where to be found the opposing kingdoms take advantage of this to attack. Merry and his people who are not killed are banished to an abandoned port in the ocean where the surrounding water is polluted and practically lifeless except for the man-eating mermaids. They’re either to die from starvation or be eaten by the mermaids. Merry takes it upon himself to kill the mermaids for both food and protection. 

Out of all the craziness the story is about the trials in Merry and Gwen’s relationship. Merry really loves his family and his people and is trying to do what he thinks is best for them by whatever means. Gwen fears for her family friend’s lives because of the mermaids but is revolted by the idea of eating her own kind and also afraid for her life and her children’s as she see’s her husband sinking into madness and fears what he’ll do if he discovers her true nature. 

Oh my God I did some stuff of my original characters you guysss

Groaning Cake stuff:

- Gwen the mermaid and the Obsidian Queen 

- Gwen’s husband, Merry the Obsidian King holding their son Baraq (his face made me laugh so hard I didn’t want to change it)

- Belladonna and Adonis from The Language of Flowers

from last night/this early morning’s stream!

my original characters from Groaning Cake UuU

feels good to draw original stuff after so long *3*

- Merry the Obsidian King hunting a mermaid

- Mermaids tempting Gwen, Merry’s wife who unknown to him is actually a mermaid. 

Nov-Dec sketchbook Update continued

- Merry the Obsidian King and his son Baraq from Groaning Cake

- The Prince of Flowers (early designs in the linked post)

- The royal guards of the Prince of Flowers

- Some bird warriors inspired by Japanese Tengu and referenced after Peregrin Falcons. I had more sketches but I can’t find them right now :’[

ok starting this new sketchbook update with the last sketches of my september sketchbook with Groaning Cake sketches

(sorry for the shitty scan and editing quality

idk if it’s my computer or my scanner but the scans aren’t coming out right and everything look gross when I edit it :’/)

- another sketch of the Boanerges/Obsidian Royal Family portrait to add to my endless pile.

*Next two pictures are the Royal heirs when they were teenagers/children.*

- the oldest heirs starting with Baraq (Merry’s older brother) the first in line to be the next Obsidian King though it is later passed on to Merry after he’s killed. Then the Lapis King (Gwen’s older brother) and the Axinite King (Gwen’s original fiance) when they were younger.  They are around the ages 15-17 here.

- the youngest heirs (these two appear way later than the time the Eldest heirs are teens in the previous picture because the eldest are in their early-mid 20’s when these two are children) : In this sketch shows the original Guinivere and the fake Guinivere. The real Gwen is the Lapis King’s younger sister who died in an accident with their father. The fake Gwen is the Gwen that Merry grows up with and later marries. Everyone believes that the Lapis Princess was the only survivor of the accident when in reality she died long ago and the mermaid “Gwen” (though not her real name) took her identity. People see her as the Lapis Princess but in her reflections her true face is revealed. Then there is little Merry. Lapis Princess is about 13 here and Merry is 9.

- More comparisons of Lapis Princess, Gwen, and Merry. 

sketchbook update continued

Groaning Cake sketches

- Gwen saving an unconscious Merry from her mermaid sisters

-  Merry

sketchbook update continued

Merriweather/The Obsidian King from Groaning Cake

some sketches I’ve recently done 

- started out as a random drawing of a woman in a swan outfit and thought I’d maybe make my own designs for swan lake, but then I decided to make the woman Nycteris from The Day Boy and the Night Girl. I thought maybe it could be her wedding dress since for my designs for her and Photogen I based them off birds. So I drew her as a white swan and Photogen as a black swan with make up to match a swan’s face for their wedding (and I thought I’d make them where opposite colors of their nature). 

- a minotaur I drew while watching Hemlock Grove. I’ve really wanted to do some minotaur drawings so hopefully i can develop some soon.

- leftside is my character the changling named Kitchen (seen at the bottom of this post) and his brother Knife and one of Kitchen’s 3 cats Kitsch. Kitchen is suppose to have a hair of cats but I was too lazy to draw them on haha. Middle is some random chicks I drew while watching Hemlock grove. The bottom girl is based off Shelley Godfrey from the show. Rightside is doodle of Merry from Groaning Cake.

New sketchbook update starting with this posts!

This posts is recent sketches I’ve done for my original stories and adaptions.

- Unnamed character for a short story about a tiny ocean man who takes care of sea creatures and likes to ride sea slugs for transportation especially Nudibranchs! Not sure what the story is yet though initially it  was that he helps a man retrieve an engagement ring he accidentally loses while on a boat when he was planning to propose. 

- Gwen, her son, and her “brother” the Lapis King from Groaning Cake. Lapis King tries to convince his sister to leave her new family and return to her people. He leaves more bitter then before.

I messed up in the second sketch, i forgot her hair isn’t blue when she’s human lol.

-  Prince Ivan and Yelena from my adaption of Prince Ivan (the firebird) and the Grey Wolf. I started wondering again if I should make Ivan younger or not.

- Fawn and Todd Loki from Fox in the Snow. Revenge is a dirty matter!

Commissions: OPEN

Here’s a bunch of Groaning Cake sketches I did from either last month or earlier in the year. 

- Gwen and another mermaid. Also Gwen dipping her second son into the ocean  to “cleanse” him so that he will possess mermaids abilities (after becoming more worried of her husband’s strange behavior) but regrets not doing the same to her first born.

- Merry and early designs for the Lapis and Axinite King (who use to be the Jade King). Also a sketch of the Eudialyte King and another of him attempting sexually harass Merry. 

- Profiles of the four kings (I didn’t really know how I wanted the Lapis King to look yet so his is pretty sloppy)

- More sketches of the kings that were suppose to be in their war attire with their familiars. 

- Sketches of the Lapis and Axinite King when they were teenagers. They have been best friends since they were little which is why their kingdoms are in great relations.

- Merry holding his devil Thunder (basically what we call Tasmanian devils) which is the sacred animal for his tribe and serves as his familiar. When in battle it turns into a beast with a very long eel-like body with seven heads and many pairs of legs that can fly for periods of time. 

Also a sketch of Merry’s mother when she was young and was the current Obsidian King.

- Merry talking with the Eudialyte King. On the right is a sketch of Gwen in royal Lapis attire when she visits the Lapis King. Everyone (and even the Lapis King himself) believe her to be his younger sister when in fact his real sister died in an accident with their father long ago and Gwen took her identity. 

- Sketch of a very late scene from the story of Gwen and her horse

- First sketches I’ve done for a basic idea of how I want the four kingdoms to look like.

Obsidian tribe live in by the cliff sides by the volcano and ocean (I’m thinking of landscapes like Iceland). With homes that look like Viking longhouses.  

Axinite Kingdom resides between a large mountain and a plain with huge stone buildings and a palace that has large columns and statues.

Lapis Kingdom has its entrance below a cliff which leads to the under water kingdom that stretches into a cave. 

I didn’t get to draw the Eudialyte kingdom but it looks a lot more like the typical/ideal castle and resides in a plateau environment with lots of canyons.

That’s about it for now TuT

Commissions are still OPEN! Prices have been cut down since I originally made them available.

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