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My parents named me Stephanie.

I'm 21 and currently majoring in illustration.

This is an art blog to post my sketches, WIPs, and finished work.

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My dear friend sailor-usako commissioned me to draw the royal family!

This commission is $40 since it’s my $30 commission (up to two character w/ no/blank background and colored) plus $10 for 3rd character.

- Final version

- 1st row: Outlines and draft

- 2nd row: sketches 

- Last picture is the outlines I of a gift I drew for her about 2 yrs ago when she was leaving to go to school in Japan. I forgot to scan the watercolor version in the original that I gave her and I forgot to do a digital version haha! So I might color it sometime this week. :’)

Commissions are still OPEN if you’re interested

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