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My parents named me Stephanie.

I'm 21 and currently majoring in illustration.

This is an art blog to post my sketches, WIPs, and finished work.

Main Blog: http://thranduilbbbackribs.tumblr.com/
Tolkien Blog: glitteringgimli.tumblr.com

My dwarf family traveling to visit relatives! I drew them for Christmas lol I hope everyone had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and if you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you had a wonderful day and are enjoying your winter break :’)

(Christmas is probably over most of you and it just ended 9 minutes ago for me BUT I figured I’d go ahead post this!)

I based the father’s design off of a design i did for the green knight when my literature class was reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight this Fall Semester. When i find the sketches for that I’ll post them (i have a whole new sketchbook update to post). The dwarf’s wife is not a dwarf but I will not say what race she is yet. 


Last three pictures are some bust drawings I wanted to do for some special peeps here on tumblr that I wanted to thank for being the beautiful people they are and how grateful I am that I got to become friends with them this year and hope we can become even better friends as time goes on :’)

-Owen for Kotaline (OC belongs to her)

-OC for Coffeekinns (character belongs to her) SORRY JO i couldn’t remember if u had a name for her ;w;

-Dr.Strange for stitchtogetherinapreservedjar


They’re all wonderful and SUPER talented so y’all should definitely check their blogs out *3* 

I’ll be getting back to working on commissions tomorrow and I’m actually halfway done with a new lineart for one of my commissions that should posted tomorrow.

So again Merry Christmas and take care everyone <3

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