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My parents named me Stephanie.

I'm 21 and currently majoring in illustration.

This is an art blog to post my sketches, WIPs, and finished work.

Main Blog: http://thranduilbbbackribs.tumblr.com/
Tolkien Blog: glitteringgimli.tumblr.com

feel like posting some sketches tonight

so here’s some sketches from my summer sketchbook 

-the lovers Adonis & Belladonna

"Hold you like a python

and you can’t keep your hands off me” -Lana Del Rey 

-some random sketches, dude on the left is character that is still in early development. All i know is that he’s a fantastic rider because I created him while watching this thing on polo. 

-Another sketch of Prince Ivan when I was still deciding on how he was gonna look. To be honest I’m still iffy haha

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