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Hi, may I ask? What is your thesis, what does it have to do with the Silmarillion, and will it be possible to read it after it's done? Thank you for your time! And for your gorgeous art

My thesis is basically me designing and illustrating the silmarillion so I can compile all my art to make an art book so it’s like an art book for a live action adaption of the silmarillion. Like how weta and disney and other companies release art books for their movies.

I’m also either gonna have a couple of really big illustrations to display w/ the book in the gallery during my senior show in Spring next year so the display isn’t boring. Though I’m trying to decide if I want to do a set of big illustrations or one big like painting of arwen and aragorn’s family tree because it’s massive and would be a great challenge. Like I’m having a hard enough time just doing sketches of each of the different houses. So I think that would be interesting.

I also kind of wonder if I should make it an artbook for an opera/ballet adaption instead of live action. I think it would be really fun designing sets and other props for it but I feel like my imagination is more free if it’s a film adaption? I dunno. I have to decide this week cause I’m presenting my proposal next week. -sweats-

As for reading/having a copy of it I dunno yet. I would like to be able to have copies available but I have to really research into that.

Thank you so much dear!


Started it off by dancing to Awesome Mix #1 when I was getting ready this morning (even my mom was came into bathroom dancing while I was straightening my hair). *U*)/




I’m not ready for classes to start this week

First is worst

Second is best?

Yaayyy second attempt at drawing in Procreate on my iPad *u*)/

Been trying to work on werewolf designs for the Silmarillion. This was going to be Carcharoth but he looks no where near as gnarly as I imagined (i have better examples in my sketchbook I’ll try and upload this week). He has more of the body shape for my version of Draugluin in this sketch (though his coat is completely different and going to look more old). 

But still pretty happy with this sketch UuU Good practice using my finger to draw until I get my stylus in the mail!

Can’t wait to get my stylus got damn.
This was suppose to be Turin but now it just looks like Turin and Maedhros’ love child


I ran from my neighbor’s yard across the street to my house because I forgot something n I didn’t even see them coming OMG T^T

Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite doodles to relieve stress.

I had to take a break from the Silmarillion before it drove me insane. 

Ok I’m just gonna make this clear so everyone knows

First off I don’t take requests I only take commissions. I’m only open for requests if I say I am during a livestream or make a post on tumblr (the latter is rare). 

Second and most important 

I am NOT letting anyone use any of my art

ESPECIALLY my Silmarillion art for ANYTHING.

I’ve only allowed one person so far who asked if they could link back to my Elf to Orc post for their fic.

As far as my Silmarillion art goes it’s for my Senior Thesis for my BFA in Illustration so it’s very important to me and I don’t want my portfolio work being thrown around and edited. And if reposting/posting my art somewhere else without asking me wasn’t bad enough, fucking editing my art will make me want to breathe fire (this has already happened but thankfully the blogger respected my wishes and took it down).

And yes sometimes I draw silly stuff for the Silmarillion but even then FUCKING ASK ME if you want to use or edit my art. I will tell you the answer is most likely no but I might change my mind so ask me dammit.  

It actually fucking means a lot when you take the time to ask the artist for their permission cause it shows you actually fucking care and respect them enough to ask. 

AND LET ME JUST POINT OUT THAT if you’re gonna use that lame ass excuse to defend yourself or someone else who does this shit because “this is the internet” you are an ASSHOLE. Because that is the LAZIEST and POOREST excuse so don’t even try that shit with me cause I’m not buying it. 

When it comes to reposting some might cry out “BUT I SOURCED THEM” but you must realize you are part of the problem because you did not ask and assumed it would be ok to post other people’s art as long as you sourced them. 

There is actually this post from this blog about one pixiv artist about their hobbit art being posted on tumblr without their permission. And near the end of their post is a link to why reposting is bad even if you source it

And one more thing please do not use my art to pretty up your twitter/facebook/tumblr blogs layouts. I’ve just caught someone doing that on twitter with one of my Ulmo paintings and it’s really fucking upsetting. Like if you want to use my art for stuff like that PLEASE ASK ME. ASK ME. ASK ME GOT DAMMIT. ASK. 

I mean seriously is making your social networking page look all pretty so much more important than respecting another human being and their hard work?

Also please don’t just stop with me or some artists. STOP DOING THIS SHIT TO ANYONE’S ART. 

Sketches and WIP

- Glorfindel fighting the balrog

- Elrond and Elros by the sea shore

Rough of Celebrimbor’s corpse as a banner for Sauron’s army

Though if I do a final drawing I plan I drawing him upside down instead like a hanged man. 

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