Bard and his little Bardlings all warm in their nest UuU

I told r-navy I would draw this like 2 months ago but it never looked good U^UBut after my emotions were killed when I saw the BotFA trailer earlier today I had to cope with my misery with cuddles. 

Sketchbook Preview 1

Stuff from my sketchbook and WIPs of stuff I haven’t posted yet but I will~

Video goes kind of fast so if you’re sensitive to images moving quickly don’t watch it ;A;

Fingolfin vs. Morgoth: Fingolfin cuts his hair after getting caught by Morgoth

I just got Vine >:’) Gonna use it for my art  and sometimes maybe personal experiences but mostly for art UuU

WIP of that drawing I started in last night’s stream and STILL AIN’T DONE

I’m so fuckin done with this picture omg why can’t i fuckin finish it




Annatar and Celebrimbor from the upcoming game Shadow of Mordor

I couldn’t help it TwT

All I could think of was this scene from Tangled

I’m too lazy to rotoscope that Tangled scene so I made this instead

friends and I decided to do draw selfies *3* 

I was gonna draw a more cute outfit but oh well CASUAL LOOK~

loshka , ewebean , and I drew our favorite Final Fantasy 7 characters *3*)/

Tifa Lockhart with Cait Sith by loshka

Aerith Gainsborough by ewebean

Yuffie Kisaragi by (me) scorpionhoney

crocordile 7:Do you have any OCs?

I wasn’t sure if you wanted to see a picture of them or more information? So I Guess I’ll do both?

So yeah! MY OCs’ from Groaning Cake!

Obsidian Royal Family

King Ramiel (he goes by his middle name Merriweather/Merry), Queen Guinivere (Gwen), and their sons.


There are four kingdoms ruled by the High King. Merry is the king of the Obsidian tribe the smallest and most humble of the kingdoms and is looked down upon by the High King and Lapis King. His older brother was killed by a mermaid when he was still a child and grew up despising them. Unknown to him the girl he grew up with and married is a mermaid in the body of the Lapis king’s sister Guinivere who actually died in an accident. The mermaid takes on the alias The Blue Rider, a spirit of vengeance the Obsidian people see as their protector. When Obsidian is demanded to give up their lands tension increases between the Obsidian tribe and the more powerful kingdoms. When The Blue Rider is no where to be found the opposing kingdoms take advantage of this to attack. Merry and his people who are not killed are banished to an abandoned port in the ocean where the surrounding water is polluted and practically lifeless except for the man-eating mermaids. They’re either to die from starvation or be eaten by the mermaids. Merry takes it upon himself to kill the mermaids for both food and protection. 

Out of all the craziness the story is about the trials in Merry and Gwen’s relationship. Merry really loves his family and his people and is trying to do what he thinks is best for them by whatever means. Gwen fears for her family friend’s lives because of the mermaids but is revolted by the idea of eating her own kind and also afraid for her life and her children’s as she see’s her husband sinking into madness and fears what he’ll do if he discovers her true nature. 

-8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Um. How do I put this? Music for me…basically no art without music. It’s so important to me to get in the right mood and music is what sets the mood for me and lyrics can impact what I’m drawing too. Favorites? Favorite band is Fleet Foxes and I really like folk music but I tend to listen to opera a lot when I’m working on art.  

10: Least favorite thing to draw?

FEET. FUCKING FEET MAN. (though it’s rewarding when I get it right)

And cars. Don’t ask me to draw cars…

11: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.

I just took a shower. It’s 4 A.M.

12: Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

UHHHH I can’t think of any right now. Only thing I can think of is actually something common among artists (especially animators) which is making faces without even realizes to match what kind of emotion you’re trying to draw haha. 

kotaline 5:Who/what inspires you?

I have a huge love for the Pre-Raphaelites since high school after my teacher told me my art reminded her of their work and after I looked them up I noticed some artists I already love that were part of the movement and my adoration grew (especially for Rossetti. I really love his paintings and poems, I also like his sister’s work as well). John William Waterhouse is probably my favorite tho.If it isn’t already obvious nature and mythology inspires me and lately I’ve been really into lost/legendary civilizations/places for a new story I’m working on. (*U*)/

- 6:Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

well shit this turned out better than i expected

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