For elizabethchelly !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILYYYYYY!!! <3 

MUHAHAHAHAHAHA i feel lame cause I didn’t get to make mine magical girl themed like everyone else but uh yeah PILOTS FROM GUNDAM WING!

I’m just so done. School, MY FUCKING THESIS, the got damn future, ppl and myself second guessing me! Like get the fuck out. Don’t have time for this bullshit.

Just gonna board my spaceship with loved ones and go explore the universe and marry a hot alien. Ok? Thank you. Farewell friends. 

It’ll take a while for my postcards to reach you while half way across the galaxy. 

Tuor & Túrin relationships and Children of Húrin sketches

EDIT: I added marks/keys for the relationships

- Tuor and Túrin relationships: Brothers Húrin and Huor, cousins Rían and Morwen, Tuor son of Huor and Rían, Túrin son of Húrin and Morwen, Idril wife of Tuor, and Niënor sister-wife of Túrin.

- “Farewell, O twice beloved!” Niënor saying goodbye to an unconscious Túrin before committing suicide after discovering their relation and mistaking him for dead. 

- Suicides of Niënor and Túrin, Túrin also commits suicide after discovering his relation to Niënor and news of her death. 

Modern Au of human Manwë and his cutie wife Varda

Just a little something for fun before I get back to stressful thesis shit ANDDDDD because pandamani and I were looking at cute clothes and crying about being broke college students SO THERE’S THAT (ok i admit that’s exactly why it happened IBLAMEHERFOREVERYTHING).

- Also Sauron sketch from earlier today when I was trying out some new brushes *3*

Fuck I just realized I reblogged a bunch of stuff to here that’s suppose to be on my main blog. Sorry T^T

drafts/sketches of Sauron sacrificing Númenóreans who were The Faithful

This is for my first assignment for my printmaking class this semester where we have to do a relief print of a classic book. Same assignment I did last semester with The Little Prince. Though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it but I really want to so I can add this work to my thesis. But my other plan was to do a print of the visions scene from Macbeth (I’ll post my sketches I did for that later). 

- Rough draft (I did this in Procreate, finally got my stylus!<3 *w*  )

- Thumbnails I did in class today

- Headdress design (though I don’t know if I’ll keep the horns)

- Original thumbnail when I was thinking about it during a lecture

Reposts vrs Reblogs


I’ve noticed some confusion regarding this so, just to clarify;

  • A repost is where you save a picture onto your computer and make a completely new post. You are not the creator of the image/writing/gifs etc. 
  • A reblog is where you reblog it from the original post. The original poster created the image/writing/gifs etc.
  • Repost = Bad
  • Reblog = Good

Thank you for taking the time to ask and find out the meaning of this. I understand that when you’re new to tumblr sometimes it’s like learning a new language with all the jargon.

Oh look at that someone already made a post about this!

Reblogging this here cause I’ve gotten a lot of messages responding to my angry post about reposting and other shit you shouldn’t do with my art and art by others. A lot of people seem to have confused reposting with reblogging because the messages I got asked if it was ok to reblog my silmarillion art from me which the answer is YES IT’S COMPLETELY FINE

I’m pissed about reposting 

Refer to kaciart’s post on this difference ^

(Thank you kaciart for making this post)

jul-likes-magpies asked:
Hi, may I ask? What is your thesis, what does it have to do with the Silmarillion, and will it be possible to read it after it's done? Thank you for your time! And for your gorgeous art

My thesis is basically me designing and illustrating the silmarillion so I can compile all my art to make an art book so it’s like an art book for a live action adaption of the silmarillion. Like how weta and disney and other companies release art books for their movies.

I’m also either gonna have a couple of really big illustrations to display w/ the book in the gallery during my senior show in Spring next year so the display isn’t boring. Though I’m trying to decide if I want to do a set of big illustrations or one big like painting of arwen and aragorn’s family tree because it’s massive and would be a great challenge. Like I’m having a hard enough time just doing sketches of each of the different houses. So I think that would be interesting.

I also kind of wonder if I should make it an artbook for an opera/ballet adaption instead of live action. I think it would be really fun designing sets and other props for it but I feel like my imagination is more free if it’s a film adaption? I dunno. I have to decide this week cause I’m presenting my proposal next week. -sweats-

As for reading/having a copy of it I dunno yet. I would like to be able to have copies available but I have to really research into that.

Thank you so much dear!


Started it off by dancing to Awesome Mix #1 when I was getting ready this morning (even my mom was came into bathroom dancing while I was straightening my hair). *U*)/




I’m not ready for classes to start this week

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