I wasssss gonna take a much needed nap before I went to work but…

instead I drew Stark babies *3*)/

- Catelyn Tully/Stark and Ned Stark

- Jon Snuuuuu Snow

Time to carve this baby…phew! -sweats-

Sketches for stress relief/coping with all my anxiety and depression.

Jesus Christ…

Everyone is so fucking young in these books




Everyone in these books needs to just eat ice cream and play at the beach or build snowmen n have snowball fights instead of being asses and killin each other

More previews yaaaaaay 

Ainulindalë stuff

- Varda

- Melkor

- Manwë

I give up I’m too tired to keep working on it.
I’ll transfer it to the wood n wing it when I carve it.

- Robb Stark’s corpse displayed with the head of Grey Wind
- Minotaur I was originally gonna do the print on but changed my mind.

I’m so fucked

it’s 4:27 AM and I’m just deciding to stop working on thesis stuff to draw my stupid drawing for my woodblock print for printmaking class. And I’m so behind on my thesis as far as artwork goes so I’m completely screwed for my midterm presentation on thursday AHAHAHAAHA


I was gonna livestream these tonight but I’m too tired U^U

More WIPs

- Maedhros and Fingon

- Vana and Oromë continued from this post

My midterm for my thesis is this Thursday so I’m kind of panicking and trying to get new stuff finished for it T^T I rely on lines alot in my artwork and I don’t like to color in Photoshop so I’ve been trying to do paintings in SAI. And I guess all the digital practice in Photoshop has helped a lot since I feel capable of painting straight in SAI despite no pressure sensitivity (there’s none on SAI when using a Mac).

- Melkor

These are WIPs/Works in Progress:

- Celebrimbor

- Two Trees of Valinor

- Vana (I’m deciding whether to leave her alone or add Yavanna or Oromë)

From last month’s sketchbook

- Idril Celebrindal

- Turgon and little Idril

- Green elves

- Elves bathing (Probably Silvan/Wood elves)

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